It Matters

Yesterday, as I entered my information on the SOLC page, I was reticent about doing so. The biggest question in my mind and the one that I have kept coming back to until I committed is, “Will I be able to write everyday?”

This morning, as I opened my email, I was  excited to see that I had three replies! As I read each one, I realized that someone had read my blog and had actually made a connection to what I had shared.

Such a tremendous level of satisfaction came over me, I was giddy with excitement. Although I could not, at that moment, sit down and write about my feelings, I could not wait to share them later.

So, here I am, sharing. Letting each of you out there,  participating in this challenge, know that I appreciate what you are doing. Every word. Every emotion. Every story. It means something to someone else. Maybe just one person. Maybe no one but you at that moment.

But it matters. Our writing matters!



Author: hansonberries

As a teacher of sixth graders, I have found a special place in my classroom every day, my home-away-from-home. My first home I share with my husband, our dog Quincy, two cats, and my tortoise friend, Misha. I also have been blessed with a horse named Belle. We have three adult children and four grandchildren, the joy of our lives. Life is good. I am an equestrian and also enjoy writing, reading, and gardening.

8 thoughts on “It Matters”

  1. I connect with your post. Yes, our writing matters. Imagine how you felt when you read the responses, and then think about how can we get our students to feel that too! Authentic audiences are so important to writers, even if it is just an audience of one (ourselves).

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  2. Our writing sure does matter. And we never know when it makes a difference. Keep on writing! Good for you for making this commitment; it will be worth it!


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