The Post

Watching The Post tonight, I was reminded of the importance of our first amendment rights and protecting the rights of the press to freely report true, unbiased information to the “governed not the  governors.”

As a teacher, this same freedom must be protected, but it is also our responsibility to share information that is true and unbiased as well. This is hard to do but important. The danger of doing so may also sometimes conflict with parents’ truths.

As the world becomes more diverse, those whose views are less open may push back, building walls, closing doors. But shutting out what we don’t or refuse to understand acts as a censor to the realities of  life.

As a teacher of a diverse population it is my belief that it is my duty to share the diversity of my students with that of the world.  Doing so means giving opportunities for them through the printed word. My class library shares books that match the makeup of my students and others different from them in culture, race, ethnicity, gender, and ideas. It is their’s to explore and hopefully learn from. All through the printed word. All because of our first amendment rights.