The Blocks Came Tumbling Down

What drew them to one another. Was it good looks? Him – dark haired, muscular bodied. The way he could move on the dance floor? Or was it something less noticeable? His work ethic? Or maybe he was a sweet-talker. Her – blonde and blue eyed, slim and petite. The way she could easily sketch the world around her? Or was it something less noticeable? Her easy laugh? Or maybe she loved to listen-hanging on every word.

They had little in common, but with what little they had, they fell in love and decided to marry. He – a boy from the south side. She – a girl from the north side. One – a Sox fan. One – a Cub fan. Protestant. Catholic. Serious. Humorous.

There were many truths. Many stories. Many hurts. What pulled them apart only they TRULY knew.

The marriage lasted twenty years. Through five births and four children.

Only vaguely aware that things were amiss, involved in their own world. The four. Vying for attention. Forming bonds, taking sides, playing peacemaker, shouldering each other’s burdens  the way only siblings can.

As the world around them came tumbling down like the blocks once carefully stacked, they were left wondering…



Author: hansonberries

As a teacher of sixth graders, ma special place is my classroom; my home-away-from-home. My first home I share with my husband, our dog Quincy, two cats, and my tortoise friend, Misha. I also have been blessed with a horse named Arjay. We have three adult children and five grandchildren, the joy of our lives. Life is good. I am an equestrian, a writer, a reader, a gardener, and I repurpose furniture.

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