Happy Birthday Gramps!

The start of the weekend is almost here and tomorrow, is my husband’s birthday. Our children and grandchildren are coming to celebrate. And I’m glad it is cold. He can only eat soft foods so his birthday dinner is soup, a good, hearty soup for a cold day, And we are having ice cream sundaes; foods that are easy to swallow.

I am thankful for his birthday and for the blessing of our children who have circled us like pioneers circled their wagon trains when threatened. Cancer has reared its ugly  head in our family, but we will not let it get the best of our spirits and our faithfulness. It has only tethered our already close family, closer.

So, even though I may have missed day three’s deadline, I will not miss my husband’s birthday. Or the joy on his face when he hears our little grandkids cheerfully say, “Happy birthday Gramps!” And at least for a time, the ugly head will e overshadowed.

Author: hansonberries

As a teacher of sixth graders, ma special place is my classroom; my home-away-from-home. My first home I share with my husband, our dog Quincy, two cats, and my tortoise friend, Misha. I also have been blessed with a horse named Arjay. We have three adult children and five grandchildren, the joy of our lives. Life is good. I am an equestrian, a writer, a reader, a gardener, and I repurpose furniture.

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